Achieving Excellence in Customer Services

To compete successfully in today's challenging environment, organizations need to create and sustain customers' loyalty by delivering remarkable and outstanding service. This course has been designed to equip participants with the requisite tools for delivering excellent customer service.

Credit Risk Management

An understanding of credit risk and its management, are fundamental in today's rapidly changing financial services sector. The integrity of the lending process usually depends on sound credit decisions that ensure acceptable risk levels, in relation to the expected returns. Therefore, officials charged with the responsibility of assessing and advising on credit risk, need to be skilled to make decisions that have positive impact on the bottom-line of their organisations.

IT Audit for Internal Auditors

Solutions have become basic tools for contemporary organisations in Irunning daily business operations. The prevailing use of IT solutions by such entities has necessitated the need for IT systems to provide reliable information to users, in order to achieve their intended benefits and have such process and transactions effectively audited. This course has been designed to enable intended Auditors conduct IT audits seamlessly thus facilitate by effective decision making.

Improving Personal Effectiveness

In view of increasing operating costs and narrowing margins, managers and team leaders, as well as, those in consideration for such roles, must acquire the techniques for personal effectiveness. This course is designed to enable participants enhance their personal effectiveness as a necessity for effective team leadership. The learning opportunities on the course will also be helpful to those who monitor outputs of such roles.

Strategic Asset & Liability Management

The volatility of financial markets and increased proliferation of new financial products, have made Asset and Liability Management, a critical issue for many organizations. It is therefore, imperative for officers responsible for this function to continually upgrade their skills, within the context of corporate and business strategy in dynamic times especially.

Retail Banking Fundamentals

The global banking terrain is highly dynamic and intensely competitive. This development has been fuelled by advances in technology, globalization of markets and changing customers' expectations. To survive under this dispensation, banks try to be innovative by introducing new products, while repackaging existing ones. Thus, retail banking has come to the fore as a strong determinant of competitive positioning. For a bank to leverage this aspect of banking and achieve competitive advantage, it must deepen the competencies of its employees in that regard.

Corporate Frauds Detection Prevention and Control

The cases of fraud experienced by business in recent times, increasingly placed organisations and their reputations at risk. Fraudsters continue to operate with more sophistication, which enable them to circumvent control procedures. Organisations must therefore, continuously evaluate and update their fraud preventive measures. This course seeks to inform executives on the intricacies of fraud, its identification and how to mitigate the risk of crystalizing.

Effective Project Finance

The quest for rapid economic transformation in Nigeria presents enormous Opportunities for project finance, especially in high growth sectors and industries. A delicate mix of skills is therefore, required to effectively tap into these emerging opportunities. This course is designed to acquaint participants with the intricacies of project finance for profitable outcomes and impact on project objectives.