Developing Leadership Competencies

The field of leadership has generated a lot of interests and studies has since recorded history. This might be due to the pivotal role of leadership in different spheres of human endeavour from sports, politics, religion, military, profit and non-profit organisations. Successful business leaders know that investing in leadership is critical to achieving growth and organisational continuity. Therefore, developing leadership competencies of managers towards achieving corporate success, cannot be over-emphasized.

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Two broad decisions have to be taken by investors - allocation of the total investment in the available asset class and the selection of asset within the class of investment. The decision of allocation and selection of investment asset is based on the trade-off between risk and return, availability of the risk mitigating tools and investment horizon coupled with other parameters. This course is designed to emphasise analytical aspects of the investment decision, as well as modern concepts and instruments.

Advanced Audit and Internal Control

Banks have taken advantage of recent improvements in information and telecommunication technology to develop sophisticated products and services. This development has, however, raised the stakes for bank inspectors, who must acquire advanced techniques in order to protect the integrity of their internal control systems.

Building Strategies for Breakthrough Performance

In today's highly competitive business environment, it is imperative for any organization with aspiration to out-perform its peers. The need to master the techniques for analyzing the environment and proactively develop strategies for breakthrough performance. This course has been packaged to help organizations meet these challenges.