Useful Tips


Are you looking for a job? The following tips can help you land your dream job faster.


Applying for jobs is a process that nearly everyone will have to undertake to secure and employment and possibly explore career advancement opportunities. There are a variety of tools that are useful to the applicant applying for a job In addition to a standard CV or resume, cover letters can help candidates further clarify their qualifications, introduce themselves to potential employers and assist them in clearly articulating their aspirations for the vacant position. Job applications can be filed based on advertised openings or they can be unsolicited. In both circumstances, it is useful to include a cover letter and a resume or CV, so that potential employers can easily ascertain a candidate’s suitability for the role

First impressions can make or mar an application process. Your appearance is important, even when submitting an application. Every time you make contact with an employer, dress as though you are ready to go to work. The employer may have a job that needs to be filled and want to interview you immediately. So, always be prepared.


Some of the most common mistakes that job seekers make on applications are:

•Not reading and following indicated application instructions
•Misspelled words
•Crossed out writing
•Wrinkled or messy application form
•Incomplete information or unanswered questions
•Incomplete work history, or large unexplained gaps in work history
•Overlapping or conflicting employment dates with no explanation
•Application not turned in by the deadline
Use of troublesome words, such as "quit" or "fired"