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networkFITC Professional Persons' Network (FPPN) is a community of professional organisations and individuals who are bounded together by the appreciation of their role in the success of the FITC, their conviction of greater impact that they could still make in the organisation, and in their own lives within the network of opportunities provided by the firm.


Specifically such professional persons include those who have, at one point in time or the other, served as FITC Staff, Council member, Programme Director, Facilitator or have passed through FITC as participants on any of its programmes. Others are those who have served or are still serving as independent consultants and associates to FITC.

Inspired by need to optimize the benefits of inputs from valued stakeholders, FPPN hopes to develop into a network of closely knit members committed to seamless communication, sharing of knowledge, and opportunites for life learning and professional development, furtherance of the FITC mandate.

As you log in and register you will be joining a group of about 50,000 professionals that cut across Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA. We invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity .




The FITC Professional Persons' Network (FPPN) was set up to:


Create a network of professionals for a systematic recognition and appreciation of people and organisational contributions to the growth and survival of FITC in pursuit of its mandate.
Provide opportunities for more stakeholders participation in the activities of FITC.
Provide a platform for interaction between members to promote collaboration, strategic alliances and networking within the wider community.
Provide for member's capacity development through special events and programmes
Create a database of professionals who can act as sounding boards for most of FITC initiativies going forward.


Benefits to members of FPPN


Have access to a network of professionals with common issues, in line with FITC mandate, the financial services sector and the Nigerian economy.
Access to a group of professionals with shared knowledge and experience about one of the leading professional services firms in Nigeria,the FITC
Acquire more knowledge through FITC's complimentary publications, programmes and events.
Stay updated on thought leadership materials that FITC will be making available to members, from time to time.