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In order to further enhance flexibility and fitness to various budgets, our online courses can be purchased under two major plans:


1. License Purchase

    a. Bronze License

    b. Silver License

    c. Gold License

    d. Platinum License


2. Bundle Purchase



The courses are available for individuals who intend to enrol for any of the courses for their selfdevelopment through the various license purchase plans. An organization who requires training of its employees on any of the courses could acquire multiple licenses under the License Purchase plans adequate to cover the number of employees to be trained. Subscribers to Silver, Gold and Platinum purchase plans stand to benefit from our attractive discount offers. Click here for more details on purchase plans and prices.


Subscribers to our Licence Purchase options will run their training on our LMS platform in the cloud. Please, check the system requirements to learn about getting the best online experience from your purchased courses.


For corporate entities that have developed their LMS, Bundle purchase will be the best option for them. Bundle purchase would not only enable them leverage on their internal IT infrastructure but also opens them to our attractive discount policy. However, Bundle Purchase plan requires that a subscriber-organization has a functional LMS deployed on their corporate network. Please, contact us if you require an LMS developed for your organization and our technical team would promptly respond to your request.






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