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The increasingly competitive nature of the financial services sector makes intense demand of employees. Despite this, financial services organisations require their employees to develop themselves and upscale their skills as necessary requisites for career advancement and progression. This often creates a difficult challenge for working professionals who have time-bound deliverables that prevent them from engaging in worthwhile further studies or professional certification programmes, or even engaging in personal studies to hone their skills.

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The Pius Okigbo Library is a research oriented library that was established over two decades ago to serve as a repository of information for professionals in the Nigerian Financial Services Sector. Read More »


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E-books are the preferred consideration for FITC’s publications. They are intended to avail our library patrons the option of accessing FITC published books online and at their convenience for a token fee. Patrons should watch out for available electronic books soon.

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FITC Recruitment

FITC e-Recruitment is a platform that enables organisations to fulfil their recruitment requirements in a timely and cost efficient manner. Organisations can now work seamlessly with recruiters and candidates to internally attract and find suitable candidates for a position.

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FITC Virtual Learning

FITC Virtual Learning is a self-paced learning platform, accessible anytime and anywhere.

The platform is embedded with highly interactive features such as illustrative pictures, simplified instruction guide, real life experiences built into scenarios and case studies etc.

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FITC Professional Persons Network

FITC Professional Persons' Network (FPPN) is a community of professional organisations and individuals who are bounded together by the appreciation of their role in the success of FITC, past and present.


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