From the Desk of the Librarian

We are delighted to welcome you to the FITC Virtual Library resource, domiciled within the Pius Okigbo Library. The Pius Okigbo Library is a research oriented library that was established over two decades ago to serve as a repository of information for professionals in the Nigerian Financial Services Sector. The Library is equipped with materials on different subject areas spanning banking and finance, management, accounting, economics, leadership, human resources, corporate governance, et cetera. The Library is a research hub for working professionals who are either engaged in postgraduate studies or certification examinations, as they find the serene environment conducive for learning.

The Virtual Library resource is a recent addition to FITC’s array of services to reach its teeming patrons, and is in furtherance of efforts to support a culture of learning in the Financial Services Sector. It includes the EBSCOhost online resource, LibraryThing online cataloguing, and e-books amongst others. Our online database resources provide access to thousands of journal articles and other publications, and support the research activities of our patrons.

We welcome you to register either as an individual member or a corporate member at the Pius Okigbo Library today, and let us support you to become a consummate professional.