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About FITC Library
The FITC E-library is one of the best reference libraries in Nigeria. Established over two decades ago, it is today a treasure hole of intellectual materials ranging from journals, magazines and monographs to books on a wide variety of subjects. The FITC library offers seamless access to diverse clients and prides itself as the resource house that empowers people for greater success.

The library is open to registered members only from 8:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday. Details on registration fees and conditions for membership are as follows:

Individual membership
Staff of member-institutions of the Bankers Committee: NGN1,200
Other individuals:NGN2,000

Corporate membership
Members of the Bankers Committee:Free
Other Organizations:NGN5,000

How to Register

Go to the Virtual Library Website to Register

For Site Visitors Site visitors who are interested in our library services should CLICK HERE to fill the membership form. Or CLICK HERE to e-mail us immediately for further enquiries.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to an electronic archive of scholarly publications that enhances research works
  • Fully computerized facilities that provide speedy online search for library materials
  • Fast Internet access to global intellectual works and online research activities
  • Conducive and serene environment with state-of-the-art technology
  • Regular power supply
  • Provision for printing and duplicating of necessary materials
  • Privilege to request for materials off site and have it delivered on time
  • Affordable membership fee
  • Open for use from Monday to Friday

Available Books and Journals

  • A wide array of up-to-date intellectual materials ranging from journals, magazines and monographs (of over 20,000 volumes covering over 20 titles) to books on a wide variety of subjects, including Social Sciences, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Insurance and General Management
  • Various government Acts and published policies related to the financial services sector
  • Published monetary policies and guidelines
  • National and international codes of corporate governance
  • Course packs and texts for Accounting, Banking and Finance Students
  • Provision for printing and duplicating of necessary materials
  • CBN and NDIC journals and other regular publications
  • Published research reports by local and international research institutes
  • Internationally acknowledged best selling books (by award winning authors) relating to self, financial and organizational management
  • Biographies and autobiographies of achievers and top personalities in the world
  • Up-to-date editions of renowned international journals, including: Accounting and Business, Bank Director, Banker, Consulting to Management, Financial Management, Financial Word, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance Management Today, RMA Journal, SAM Advanced Management Journal, Strategy and Leadership Training, United States Banker (US Banker)


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