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FITC Research - Our portfolio/ services

Customer Satisfaction Studies: Customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty measurements; Product value, performance and consumption studies; Buyer behaviour and decision process studies; and Auditing of organization’s customer care programmes.

Product Development: Product Innovation/Improvement studies; and New product development and concept testing.

Economic Studies & Business Intelligence: Sectoral Assessment and Analyses; Macro-economic studies; Business territories surveys; Industrial sectors studies; and Competitive intelligence and industrial benchmarking.

Market Research: Market sizing, evaluation and forecasting; Segmentation; Pricing and Positioning; Channel Strategy; Market Surveys; and Feasibility Studies and Business Plans.

Strategic Planning Support Services: Environmental Scanning; Impact Reviews; Strategic Summit Co-ordination and Rapporteuring; Strategic Plan Packaging; and Marketing Plans Development.

Historical Trend Research: Organization growth trends profiling; and Bibliographic compilation and publishing.

Others: Carrying out image and opinion surveys; Assisting organizations in setting up or re-engineering their corporate planning or research departments; Assisting institutions in establishing and managing specialized libraries; Publishing of manuscripts, journals, books and research reports; Collaborating with reputable organizations to carry out research studies; and 
Provision of a first class library, with e-library facility.

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