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Sometimes, you may find that attending or sending your staff to one of our public courses is not feasible, or you may find a need to train a group of staff from your organisation. In-plant training is meant to help you solve challenges like these.

In some cases, designing an in-house training programme simply involves modifying existing workshop programmes to fit the specific needs of the stakeholder’s company, while at other times, a complete customized solution is required.

Such trainings are usually developed in partnership with you, ensuring your expectations are met and possibly even exceeded with the option of additional follow up training sessions, to ensure that learning has been fully applied into your business.

We always welcome the opportunity of working closely with our stakeholders, and in-plant training is one of those times when we can show stakeholders another level of skill and expertise in helping them to achieve individual, team and business objectives.

Why choose FITC’s In-plant Training service?

You save money: cost per person is lower than sending staff to a public course. In addition, we will select the best trainers from our team of more than 200 subject matter experts, to meet your needs, as we will always aim to exceed your expectations.

The in-plant training provides flexibility for you and your team in selecting a date and location that suits you. Thus, enabling you to avoid peak times of activity in your business.

We aim to make all training courses as practical as possible, to ensure that you can apply what your staff have learnt into the business, whilst ensuring that the training is both interactive and engaging throughout.

We will discuss situations and cases specific to your organisation in confidentiality and tailor the topics to your organisation’s needs. Because of the flexibility of in-plant programmes, there is enough room to accommodate special needs such as when and where you want to be trained.

Our in-plant engagements also provide a chance to build team-spirit and lead to bring your staff together in a common learning environment. We will invariably bring your staff face-to-face with knowledgeable and experienced speakers, who are keen to impart their knowledge to your staff in an intellectually safe environment.

What topics do FITC in-plant programmes cover?

We can arrange a wide range of topics that will fit what you are looking for. All the public courses that you see in our training calendar can be provided as an in-house course as well as:

  1. Understanding Financial markets
  2. Exceptional Customer Service for Tellers
  3. Corporate governance
  4. Talent Management
  5. Customer Care and Retention Strategies
  6. Risk management
  7. Negotiation Skill
  8. Balanced Score Card
  9. Management and leadership Development skills, and much more.

If you can't find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us with the topic you need.

Can FITC organise training in the city/country of your choice?

We can organise in-house training courses for you anywhere you choose, whether at your office or our own facility or off-site on residential basis. We can also organize to take your delegates outside the country, especially for very senior executives

Where are FITC trainers located?

The benefit of choosing FITC for your in-plant is that we have a large pool of multi-disciplinary subject matter experts/trainers located in Nigeria, Europe, United States, Middle-East, etc.

We will source the right trainer for your organization, as well as the topic you choose for the training.

How many people would your organization have in an in-house course?

From our experience, we usually recommend a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 30 people per in-house training session. You can invite colleagues from other locations or units to make up a class. However, for more intensive courses, we limit class size to 15

Why should your organization train with FITC?

Here are three reasons why:

  1. You have a busy job. You are asked to do so much in your day-to-day work; you do not have the time to spend organizing the logistics of internal/in-plant training. FITC will help take the load off you.
  2. Take advantage of FITC’s pool of expert instructors located in Nigeria and across the globe. We source the right instructor for you so that you don’t have to.
  3. Once you become our client, we ensure you become a consumer of our training programmes and remain with us as long as possible.

Other Design Development Services

To maximize the return on your training investment, FITC can also work with you to develop a comprehensive long-term training plan for your organization. By doing so, we put you in touch with all the required training resources, monitor the development of your employees and take a considerable burden of effort off your management team’s shoulders.

Whether large or small. Your organization can benefit from this service. The following steps are involved:

  1. Audit of training needs- carried out through shop-floor observation, interviews with employees and management.
  2. Programme design- identifying types of training required and for which employees, timing and frequency, delivery methods, and evaluation mechanisms.
  3. Implementation- training carried out by FITC, associates and external contractors as required.
  4. Regular monitoring and review of employee skills development, review and modification of training plan based upon results.
  5. Regular reports to management team on training results and training ROI.

Discussing the Possibilities

You have nothing to lose, if you and your company have in-plant training needs, request a free proposal, there is no obligation.

Contact Us

To learn more about working with FITC on custom programmes, please contact Tunji Ajiboye, Head, FITC Training on 08023153607 or by email on or Managing Director/CEO by email on



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