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Performance Management with QPR

Organisations with passion for success take Performance Management as a serious function. Performance management effectively puts life into the strategy of any business, where focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defines the corporate objectives drawn up into measurable; quantitative and qualitative achievable tasks for various levels of the organisation. Performance Management with QPR solutions simplifies the act of monitoring a business’s strategy, employee and process performance. In its unique style, the QPR has removed the challenges associated with managing performance of an organization experiencing growth and expansion with generic tools like the Excel through its robustness and user friendliness designed to engage the entire organization.

Performance Management with QPR:

  • Quickly implement your performance management with a rich collection of templates
  • Easily standardize your performance management system by implementing great standards like the Balanced Scorecard
  • Manage multiple initiatives (operations, finance, strategy, human resources, suppliers and projects) and organization levels (group, division, unit, team, individual) on one platform
  • Shorten performance review reporting cycles
  • Improve transparency to performance status and ongoing improvement initiatives
  • Feed performance management data to strategy execution

The QPR Performance Management solutions can be acquired as a combination of the following products:

1. QPR Metrics

For Performance Management, QPR Metrics provides the ideal platform for consolidating your portfolio of different management-level performance reporting tools into one scalable, user-friendly and easy to maintain business performance solution. You can automate your data collection, consolidation, monitoring and reporting to effectively set clear and achievable targets. These can be easily communicated via dashboards to engage employees to actively participate in your organization's performance improvement. Furthermore, with the help of QPR Metrics you can link your risk or process management activities to your overall performance management solution.

2. QPR ProcessDesigner

Organizations often don’t have visibility into their operations due to lack of business process modeling and how IT systems should support processes. QPR ProcessDesigner is a leading business process modeling tool to describe, analyze, communicate and improve your processes. QPR ProcessDesigner’s easy process modeling and designing helps business being more agile, effective and customer centric. To help you achieve process improvements, QPR targets all your business process management initiatives. The web based QPR Portal offers an efficient communication, collaboration and monitoring place for all stakeholders.

3. QPR People Performance Management (PPM)

For decades organizations have tried to establish People Performance Management systems for managing their workforces’ performance and talent base. Organizations have taken siloed approaches, lacking the capability to support corporate objectives.

QPR offers an ideal platform for integrating both people performance and competence management. With QPR Metrics you can implement your organization’s balanced scorecard and competency management all the way down to a team level. The outcome is a concrete top-down and bottom-up model allowing you to effectively follow targets. You can use numeric as well as qualitative measures and benchmark between peers.

People Performance Management with QPR:

  • Enable the transparent cascading of corporate level goals to individual targets and consolidation of individual results to form the corporate-level results
  • Identify your future talents by establishing a talent management system based on measurements related to individual competencies
  • Establish an integrated management system covering people performance
  • Visualize and communicate your People Performance Management based objectives and competencies.

FITC is a distributor of QPR Performance Management solutions in Nigeria, in partnership with the South Africa-based Executive Business Solutions (EBS). Furthermore, FITC has the required capacity, guarranteed by its technical competence to implement and support the QPR products for its numerous clients.

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